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A pure, sensual and

evocative ode


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Inspired by this English word ‘STORM’, 3 mythological centaurs prepare to go head to head in the STORM of life, of the past, and of the unknown future on our revolving planet.

STORM is an evocative and sensual ode, intensely magical and gripping, involving the artists demonstrating stunning graphic images.

A new exploration opened up by Gilles Fortier

A new way of reaching the public.

A new incantation which reveals in every detail the artistic strength of the horse.



Thomas, his son, sign again the staging of this new performance.

Inspired by the great terrestrial phenomena he tries to show the eventual tragedy into which we entered to war against our own life.



After several years in development, STORM was unveiled as a ‘work in progress’ at the 10th MISEC de cheval Passion at Avignon, on the 23 January 2015.




Testified this year, including the presence of the very creative and mystical Gilles Fortier 's Zarkam Company [...]

And this magical place was the site of expression of Zarkam Company with Gilles Fortier and his son Tom. Two creative, mounted on horseback, complementary, and to the fantasy world that reminds us our close relationship between man and the earth, and somewhere, connection with the divine around their very aesthetic latest creation "Storm".Florence Chevalier, / L'Eperon - August 26, 2015

[...] like a penetrating partition of another regional artist of this show, Zarkam is close to the heart of Gilles Fortier.Andy Barréjot, La Dépêche du Midi - July 30, 2015
It puts you in mind of Zarkam, of this sublime Mongolian parable. Laetitia Boulin, Cheval Pratique - March 2015
These masters of equestrianism have highlighted this message of ‘perfect zen’ which combines harmoniously and comfortably with the choreography, music and lighting in this show from Zarkam. Compte rendu, Congrès annuel FFE - February 2015
Another captivating and mystical universe from Zarkam, giving us an enchanting rhythmical setting in their new show Claude Bigeon, - January 2015

7 min

3 equestrian artists

4 horses


Artistic director / Artist


Director / Artist




Sophie Mateos

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Together, let us call upon the magic of equestrian art

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